Web developer and designer

Brief, about me When I was still studying in the computer academy I began to develop my skills in IT. Main interests at that time were Java and C++. But in a while I just switched to HTML/CSS coding as it was more interesting for me. As the time passed, I learned to make scripts in JS too.

Now, I already have a lot of experience in HTML/CSS coding. I use a front-end frameworks and preprocessors. In addition, I have knowledge and experience in web development for WordPress, good knowledge of pure JS, Angular, jQuery, RequireJS, etc. I also use ajax, Canvas API, and the basics MySQL i PHP (at a level sufficient for WordPress).

Some of my Features

Stylish design

As a designer, to develop in the direction of minimalism and flat style. I follow fashion. I always try to offer interesting and original solution.


Validity. Adaptability. Semantically. And I use the preprocessor ^_^

QUALITY scripting

As a developer, I don't forget about the validity of the code, its clean and tidy. I try to keep the code well structured with comments and code conventions followed


No problem stand site by WordPress. Familiar and actively use the Visual Composer, ACF, Woocommerce, and others. Also, I write my own plugins.

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  • Computer Academy "STEP"

    Information Technology


    Basic education in the IT sector and the first experience was, studying in 'STEP'. Then I continue to learn independently, developing new technology and improving already acquired knowledge.

- JOB -


    WordPress developer

    Feb. 2016 - Jun. 2016

    The main specialty: development of Web sites by WordPress. I got a lot of experience in working with API WordPress when writing your own plug-ins (the largest of which was a plugin [bonus system] for Woocommerce.

  • Freelance

    Web Designer & HTML/CSS coding

    Jan. 2015 - Feb. 2016

    Finishing Computer Academy met with the owner of the company It-Soul. From that moment I started working on these projects and get hands-on experience.

My skills

Photoshop / Gimp
Illustrator / Inkscape
JavaScript & jQuery

I am glad to cooperation

I have knowledge and experience in responsive web design, the preprocessor, HTML API, an animation on CSS. Programming JS (Angular, jQuery, RequireJS, Ajax, Canvas API), WordPress (including writing own plug-ins) and little knowledge of PHP and MySQL (sufficient for WP).

I don't stop on achieved and constantly improve my skills and learn new technologies for work. For example, at the moment I studying with AngularJS.

Moreover, I was a mentor for 3 people who studied Web design from scratch. At the moment, one of them already working in the company at all :)

I would be happy to work with you on your project independently or in a team :)

  • Fast typing on the keyboard

    Fast typing on the keyboard. In addition, I have experience in working with Vim, which allows me to not be distracted by typing text, and concentrate on the task.


    I have little experience in administering Linux. Performed install a web server (Apache, PHP, MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, Ajenti) and git-server on the remote machine. As well as setting up FTP and SSH. Setting up users and the correct alignment of rights to files.


    Together with a friend I'm also own blog, devoted mainly for IT technologies. My branch includes web and methods to optimize their work as a developer


    In my spare time I like to shoot a photos :)

  • 18+

    Regular customers
  • Amateur Photographer
  • 32+

    Projects done
  • Motorcyclist
  • 250+

    Сups of tea

Let's work together

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